All methods of contacting Eastmont Orchards can be found on the contact page. If you read over this web page, you will probably find the answers to all of your questions.

The orchard is open to pick-your-own customers beginning around mid-July and usually ending with the completion of October. Our hours are highly dependent upon weather and supply conditions. The standard hours for the orchard are 9AM – 5PM on weekdays and 9AM – 6PM on Saturday & Sunday. For a more specific schedule of the individual picking seasons, check out the sections for peaches, apples, corn, and pumpkins. Under some circumstances, we may be forced to open late or close early. Remember, ALWAYS CALL JUST PRIOR TO LEAVING or check our Facebook page.

Eastmont charges by the pound for everything except sunflowers,  sunflower heads , honey,  and straw bales.   We cannot list the prices online due to the fact that they may change from year to year or perhaps even mid-season.   For the most up to date prices on some of the produce we are picking, call 732-542-5404. The message is updated every day.

Eastmont Orchards accepts only cash, traveler’s check, and personal checks. Personal checks must have a valid driver’s license number and telephone number printed on them to be accepted. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CREDIT OR DEBIT CARDS.

No, we do not. We have one low, season-long price. Although rare, we do sometimes offer special sales at the end of a particular picking season.

The apple bags we provide hold about 20 lbs safely (a half-bushel.)  Peach bags hold the same when full.   Be careful not to overfill the bags as they could break or cause bruising on the bottom fruits.   Also, please be respectful to Eastmont & its customers, and DO NOT PICK MORE THAN YOU CAN PAY FOR.   The fruit cannot be put back on the trees! 

As mentioned above, our sales staff will provide you with plastic bags when you enter the picking area. During peach picking we do offer cardboard boxes for $1.  We also have a limited number of wheelbarrows for your convenience.   We would prefer that you use either the bags we provide or bags of your own.   Other containers  will need to be tared to compensate for the additional weight.

If you read the P.Y.O. instructions at the top of this page, it should answer most of your questions regarding the parking setup.

Yes.  If there are parking attendants available they can direct you to a location  close to either the orchard entrance or the checkout booths.  If no attendant is available, have someone  in your vehicle ask a member of our sales staff in the booth area.   Please keep in mind that this is a pick-your-own farm, and you will likely have to cover a modest distance while picking. 

Occasionally we also have a small number of gourds and pumpkins in display crates near the checkout.   Once in a while we have pre-picked bags of peaches or apples available but unfortunately we  cannot offer that service on a regular basis.

As you enter, inquire with our sales associates about the designated picking area.   When you find a ripe peach or nectarine, grasp the stem between your index finger and thumb.  Give it a slight twist and gentle tug.   Please do not yank the fruit off the tree, as it causes others to fall off and can easily break the branch.   For more information on identifying ripe peaches and nectarines, check out the peach section.

Peaches taste best when they are not refrigerated, but if they ripen early and you want to keep them longer,  you will have to either refrigerate them or freeze them.  Peaches freeze particularly well.

Peel the fruit; you may find that blanching the peaches first makes skin removal easier.   Slice the peaches and remove the pits.  You may also want to sprinkle them with sugar according to your taste.   Place the slices in a totally full (no air) plastic freezer container and freeze right away.   We recommend adding Fruit Fresh (available in the canning supplies section of most super markets) to inhibit browning of the fruit.

As you enter, inquire with our sales associates about the designated picking area(s).   When you find a ripe apple, grasp the stem between your index finger and thumb.  Give it a slight twist and gentle tug.   Please do not yank the fruit off the tree, as it causes others to fall off and can easily break the branch.   For more information on identifying ripe apples, check out the apple section.

Apples are best kept refrigerated whenever possible.  They can be kept for several months if refrigerated at a temperature as close to 32 degrees F as possible.

No, they did not freeze.  This phenomenon is called “water core” or “sugar core.”   It is caused by very high sugar content that occurs more often in the early varieties like Red Delicious, Empire, and Jonathan.   They are perfectly good to eat but will not store as well as the later varieties available in October. 

No, unfortunately we cannot offer tours or hay rides.

Yes, Eastmont Orchards follows the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) guidelines set forth by the state and federal governments.  The guidelines dictate the use of pesticides based on the observation of diseases and insects.   The produce made available to our customers is always safe to eat right off the tree.  Nevertheless, it’s always a good idea to wash the fruit in cold water before consumption.

For sanitary and safety reasons, we cannot allow animals in the orchard or parking area.   There are parks in the immediate vicinity where you can entertain your pets. 

Yes, we have clean portable toilets placed near the parking area.  There is no running water available.

Occasionally, on the fall weekends, friends of ours set up a food concession stand in the parking lot.   We do not manage this service.

Again, for sanitary and safety concerns we discourage picnics at the orchard, especially in the parking lot.  Our parking areas are limited on busy weekends, and picnicking can severely hamper the steady flow of traffic.   Dorbrook Park is 1/4-mile east of the orchard on the same side of Route 537.  They have picnic tables, plenty of play areas for children and pets, and bathroom facilities. 

In early Spring we need help thinning peaches and if you are interested you can call 732-544-1312 to inquire.  During the harvest season we are often in need of part-time sales, parking, and maintenance staff.  If you are interested, please inquire at the sales booths preferably during our peach season.

Friends and employees sometimes use a small portion of the drops to attract deer or feed deer or animals living near them. After the season is over, Farmers against Hunger come in with many volunteers and pick or take leftover fruit, squash and pumpkins.  They distribute these to soup kitchens, etc all over NJ.

Children are welcome but must be supervised and respectful of the farm and its crops.

You will be walking so you should wear comfortable shoes. It would also be a good idea to wear weather appropriate clothes, bring water if it is warm and sunscreen.

We have a lost and found at the information booth by the check out booths.  If you have lost something and realize it before leaving the farm, ask at the information booth and if it has not been turned in, leave your name, description of item and phone number.  Many items are turned in and we hope to get them safely returned to their owners.  You can also leave a message on our facebook page or website regarding lost items.